Friday, March 31, 2017

Eye Opener and Reply To Those Who Questioned about Sachin's Rajya Sabha Work

Eye Opener and Reply To Those Who Questioned about Sachin Tendulkar's Rajya Sabha Work !! Check out Entire posts.
Here is Why Sachin Tendulkar is One of India's Best Performing Member of parliament  !!
1 || 2 years of Sachin Tendulkar's Adopted Village || 



2 | MP Sachin Tendulkar is using his MP Funds on the long-neglected adivasi community in Aarey Colony |

3 |Sachin Tendulkar Refused To Take Free Govt. Bungalow
in Delhi as a Rajyasabha mp. |

4 |Sachin Tendulkar - Rajya Sabha MP ''Again'' Bats for Common Man ! sachin asked three questions all for welfare of common man. Read This - |

5 | MP Sachin Tendulkar gives Rs.50 Lakhs to Kids Special School Sangram Matimand Vidayalaya.|

6 After 'Rejected By Local MP', a 51 Yrs. Old Village School in West Bengal wrote to Sachin Tendulkar seeking financial help, got 76 Lakh Rs.

7 - Sachin Tendulkar Sanctioned 40 Lakh Rs For Special Kids School at Yeola Near Nashik Maharashtra.

8. Sachin Tendulkar has given Rs.25 lakh from his MPLAD fund for construction of a Student hostel in Assam’s Karbi Anglong district.

9. MP Sachin Tendulkar to help drought-affected farmers in Maharashtra -

10. Drought-hit wakala village fails to use Sachin Tendulkar Help of Rs 1 crore for people of Wakala which didn’t materialize due to infighting.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

WHEN : PV SINDHU Promised to Sachin Tendulkar in 2012 And Completed in 2016 With a Medal

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In 2012 : Sachin Tendulkar Gifted a Car to PV SINDHU afte winning the Asian Youth Under-19 Championships in 2012 (1st Indian) SRT with in association of Andhra Badminton Fed.
--> In Return Sachin Asked Pv Sindhu to Make a Promise To Sachin  to'' Win A medal '' in Rio Olympics 2016.  
NOW 2016 : PV Sindhu Now First Indian Badminton player ever to reach the finals of the Olympics!  PV Sindhu is just a game away from winning a medal.  
That's Commitment of PV Sindhu !! _/\_
She Did Exactly What She Promised to Sachin 
and Sachin Tendulkar Sir as always awesome 
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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Drought-hit village 'FAILS' to use Sachin Tendulkar's 1 crore Help. !!

Drought-hit village ''Fails'' to use Sachin Tendulkar Help. !!
Indian cricket icon announced Rs 1 crore for people of Wakala which didn’t materialise due to infighting.

Sachin had announced Rs 1 crore as Fund to Wakala – the drought-hit village of Aurangabad in Maharashtra. But the village could not reach a conclusion regarding the use of the money.

According to reports,The master blaster's office told the villagers to decide among themselves as to how they wanted to spend the money through a meeting and finalise the tender process.

Discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, race and political affiliation stopped the people from working for the betterment of the drought-hit area.

The villagers found themselves sharply divided on the fault lines of caste, religion and political affiliation, which prevented them from coming together and acting for the greater good.
They could not finalise the tendering process and as a result, did not receive the promised funds. SAD !

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sachin Tendulkar arrives in Mussoorie for a holiday

Sachin Tendulkar reached Mussoorie in Uttarakhand to beat the heat, on Monday. Tendulkar and his wife Anjali are likely to stay at the hill station for a week. He will be staying at his family friend Sanjay Narang’s home.
Sachin reached Dehradun airport from Mumbai on Monday afternoon and headed to Mussoorie via road. The police have beefed up security near the bunglow to keep an eye on ‘unwanted guests’. As the news spread about Sachin’s arrival, a large number of his followers including locals and tourists headed towards the bunglow where he is staying.

Tendulkar visits Mussoorie often. There is buzz that he is planning to purchase a property in the hill state.

During his stay, the cricketer is likely to spend leisure time with his friends and family. He is quite fond of omelet at the ‘Char Dukan’ at Landhore cantonment area in Mussoorie. Locals are hoping to get a photo with the cricketer.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Sachin Tendulkar Movie Teaser Giving Us Goosebumps

"Sachinnn, Sachin!"

This chant is synonymous with cricket stadiums in India. Nothing unites our country like Sachin Tendulkar does; and in a country where cricket is considered a religion, the Master Blaster is treated as a deity. There's an upcoming Bollywood movie tracing his journey and the title, Sachin: A Billion Dreams, captures it perfectly. Because when Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar took his stance at the crease for India, over a billion hearts have always beat as one

At long last, the movie's teaser is out. And if you've ever loved watching Sachin Tendulkar play, this is guaranteed to give you goosebumps. Check it out:

Facing the camera for his soon-to-be-released biopic has been more challenging than standing up to the fastest bowlers in the world and scoring runs, said cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar. 

"For so many years, I did whatever I wanted to do and the camera captured that. Suddenly I was asked to do particular things and then the camera captured that, so it was a bit different for me.
Believe me, the first option was better," said Tendulkar

"Acting is not something that I dreamt of. Without any doubt, acting was more challenging than playing cricket. I enjoyed playing more," added Tendulkar.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Happy B'day Chiyaan Vikram

South Supertstar Vikram born on April 17, 1966, turns 50 today. He was born to a Tamil Christan Family to John Victor and Rajeshwari. Vikram made his debut in the year 1990 with the film En Kadhal Kanmani.

The handsome actor known for his versatility in acting and distinctive choice of roles, has been ruling the Tamil film industry from last 25 years. The National Award winner has a strong fan base and is popularly known as Chiyaan by his fans. Vikram gave many hits in his film career till date; some of them are Sethu, Pithamagan, Anniyan, Raavanan and many more. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Watch: Sachin Tendulkar's Biopic Shows How The Virtuous Hero United India

There never was and there never can be anyone like Sachin Tendulkar. The legendary Indian batsman Sachin, who brought his 24-year-long illustrious international cricket career to an end in 2013 at the age of 40, has not only inspired many, but also helped several fans to take keen interest in the game. From commoners to top celebrities – everybody continues to admire and laud the ‘God Of Cricket’ for his single-minded focus, and dedication towards the game. 2016 will remain a special year for Sachin's die-hard fans as it will witness the release of the much-awaited biopic.

Directed by James Erskine, the film delves deeper into Sachin's personal and professional life. This is explained clearly from the what the film states in its teaser:'From a wild child to a virtuous hero, one man united his country'.

It is amazing to have Sachin give a lesson to his fans by narrating what his father told him – 'The fact that you have chosen to play cricket is just one chapter of your life, but what will remain permanently with you is the person that you are in real life.' Next, we are taken to the cricket field which has fans cheering for the living legend. Going by what the teaser shows, it will inspire many to follow their aspirations and motivate them to face all odds to turn their dreams into reality, and become a better person in the long run.
The makers had already released teaser posters of the film to create huge buzz amongst fans.