Monday, July 22, 2013

Check these Facts -Ricky Ponting

Check these Facts .Ricky Ponting
 Dear Sachinists, a lengthy one !

"Ponting said he rated Brian Lara ahead of Sachin Tendulkar as he feels the West Indian batsman enabled his team win more matches ! "

Hmmm ! Let's take it one by one.

1. "The Australian said for him winning games and series was more important that scoring hundreds and in that regard he rated Lara as a more dangerous batsman. "

Winning games ??! Ahem !!

In 'Test matches won':
Lara - averages 61.02 with 8 hundreds ;
Tendulkar - averages 62.36 with '20' hundreds;

(Yeah, you can say Tendulkar had the luxury of playing alongside Dravid, Ganguly & Laxman while Lara was a lone warrior. Well, 20 hundreds ! And lone warrior ??! Lol. We sure know what that means - we as in, the ones who've started watching cricket from the mid nineties.)

In 'Test matches won against Australia':
Lara - averages 68.27 with 3 hundreds in EIGHT matches;
Tendulkar - averages 54.11 with 4 hundreds in SIXTEEN matches;

Have to give it to the Prince of T&T here but, half the number of matches ! 

2. "Sachin and Lara were the two stand-out batsmen for me. Lara won more games for his team than Sachin probably has. I'd lose more sleep as captain knowing Lara was coming in to bat next day than I would with Sachin," said Ponting.

Lose more sleep as captain ?! He must be talking in general. 

But let's see how many matches Lara WON against 'Austraia under Ponting' - NONE. 
Tendulkar in matches WON against 'Australia under Ponting' - Average of 76.2 in 6 matches with 2 hundreds ! 

Forget winning. 'Against Australia under Ponting':
Lara - 4 matches, average of 48.25 with ONE hundred.
Tendulkar - 11 matches, average of 71.15 with 4 hundreds.

And he says he loses more sleep thinking about Lara !! Punter please !!

3. "You always found a way to restrict Sachin if you needed to. Lara could turn it on in half an hour and take a game away from you."

Lol. He always found a way !!! Hahaha. As you can see from the previous one, he was able to restrict Tendulkar to 71.15 ! 

On a different note, 

"He's (Kevin Pietersen) not head and shoulders over Clarke, no way. His RECORD wouldn't suggest he is better than Clarke. And Alastair Cook's RECORD is a lot better than Pietersen's. He has more HUNDREDS in fewer Tests than Pietersen and as an opener. Look, Kevin is a destructive and match-winning player but you HAVE TO JUDGE A BATSMAN BY THEIR RECORDS," he said before bringing up the comparison between the Indian and West Indies legends.