Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Day when The Journey Begins To Rule The ODI CRICKET #September 09-1994 - SACHIN TENDULKAR 1ST ODI CENTURY DAY!

Tendulkar's maiden century in 78 one-day internationals was fashioned from a blazing assault in the first hour. He raced to 50 in 43 balls, knocking first the pace bowlers and then Warne - with two sixes in an over - out of the attack. His 110 from 132 balls should have been the platform for a huge total; India reached 100 in the 18th over. It never quite materialised after he played over a yorker from McDermott, but India won calmly, with Prabhakar challenging Tendulkar for the match award. He took a return catch off Taylor, two further wickets, another catch and two run-outs. Australia's only substantial partnership was 67 from Mark Waugh and Boon.

Man of the Match: S. R. Tendulkar.