Friday, October 4, 2013

It's surreal to be compared to Sachin Tendulkar: Virat Kohli

Sachin Tendulkar himself feels Virat Kohli is the man to carry on the baton from him.

Tendulkar has said the young 24-year old could one day surpass his record of 100 international centuries.

But for Virat Kohli, comparisons with the 'God of Cricket' are overwhelming to say the least. He says he almost can't believe he's being compared to his idol.

"It feels surreal to be compared to the man I've always idolised. The man I've grown up watching, trying to emulate. My goal is to match such legends on the field and not off it."

"Hope I can play for the country for such a long span as Sachin [Tendulkar] has and remain as fit as he is. His fitness level is amazing. If I can achieve 60-70 per cent of what he has achieved so far in his career, I will be more than happy," said Kohli.

"His hardwork is very inspiring for the younger generation.

However, an Indian Test team without Sachin Tendulkar was not an idea Kohli was so willing to contemplate.
“Seeing one person play for the country for 23 years and thinking of him not playing for India anymore — it’s a really scary thought to be really honest,” said Kohli. “I don’t know what my reaction would be.
I don’t know what the reaction of people in India would be. I don’t know what his reaction would be, but it’s going to be a tough day for the whole country.