Friday, January 31, 2014

last goodbye to 22 yards - Sachin Tendulkar Documentary

When Sachin Tendulkar called time on his 25-year cricket career in late
2013, there was an unprecedented outpouring of affection towards the
nation's favourite son.

His journey, Indians demonstrated with their collective response, had been
their own journey.

Travelling to the tiny village of Lahli in Haryana, where Tendulkar played
his last Ranji Trophy match, and to the metropolises of Kolkata and Mumbai,
where he played the final two Test matches of his life, this film captures
the mood of the country during these emotional weeks.

Director speaks to fans and followers, former team-mates and opponents,
journalists and scorers, children and the elderly, the poor and the
well-to-do, all of whose life has been touched by Tendulkar.

The result is a unique, real and moving film, Last Goodbye to 22 yards.