Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sachin Tendulkar Exclusive Speech at Cricinfo Awards

Tendulkar Speech:
"Sachin Tendulkar: "My speech won't be longer than 4 minutes since, yeh T20 ka zamaana hai." (This is the age of T20)

"I am speechless, honestly," says Tendulkar. "Thanks to ESPNcricinfo for considering me worthy enough. When Martin and Rahul both spoke about me, I didn't know how to react. "

Sachin Tendulkar on Kallis: "I first saw him in 1996. He looked an ok player and I thought, this guy could become a decent allrounder. But over a period of time, how he changed his batting technique and worked on his bowling was incredible. Kallis used to walk with his head down and I used to tell my teammates that once he has realised which way the blades of the grass are, he is going to make you pay."
"Kallis pretended that he was tired, but I knew that his effort ball would soon come. I always knew that one special ball was always round the corner and it was part of his planning.

"I first played against Warne in 1992 and you could make out he had the talent, but he wasn't consistent enough in the first game," says Tendulkar on Warne. "The second time i faced him was in Sri Lanka and I was beaten by his spin. I charged him next ball and was lucky to get away. Warne came up to me and tried to charge me up, but I turned towards square leg and ignored him. Post match, i asked him, 'Warne, what were you trying to say?' From then onwards, we became good friends."

"I grew up playing tennis ball cricket in monsoons on concrete pitches," Tendulkar on his preference for fast bowling. "Then when I was playing cricket in Mumbai, i got senior cricketers to bowl at me from 17 yards. I realised the only way to counter that would be to attack the bowling. A few times I used to miss it, but I used to attack continuously. The times I used to get the shots, I used to tell the bowlers that I got you.

Perth innings was a game changer for me because from that point onwards I thought I was ready to take on the world. I had a lot of belief on my ability, but that innings took it to next level.

I was quite fortunate to play against the game's best allrounders: Kapil Dev, Ian Botham, Imran Khan, Clive Lloyd, Malcolm Marshall, Richard Hadlee."

"In the latter half of my career, the styles changed. Sometimes I used to think, 'it's past point, it's gone', but then there was a deep point."

"I saw Andy Flower play the reverse sweep in a Test and 12 years down the line, it became quite a common shot"

"Now consistently you see 300+ totals, which is because of the rules change and also due to T20 cricket. In 90s, only Shaun Pollock used to bowl a slower bouncer, now everyone does that regularly. So maybe 20 years down the line, who knows how the game would be."

"I still believe Test cricket is in good hands. If you see around the world, most matches have results, which is probably due to T20 too, so the formats are complementing each other. When it comes to players though, you cannot force someone to play Test cricket. If someone doesn't want to play Tests, don't force him. It's one format where the bowlers are always going to get you out. In Tests, you require planning, vision and execution. It doesn't happen that much in T20 cricket, where you can be a hero in three balls. "