Monday, February 1, 2016

Sachin Tendulkar Chennai 1999 Memories !

When Sachin Cried like a School Boy.
When Sachin Didn't Came To Collect His Man of the Match
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-- Chennai Test, 1999 vs Pakistan --

Sachin, with severe back pain was executing His shots firmly and played this innings by putting a bag of ice cubes on His back, and had pain killers.. After finishing His century when He dismissed at 136, India needs 16 runs in 95 overs with 3 wickets remaining.. and India lost that match by 12 runs !!!

During Match presentation Ceremony:
Raj Sing Durgapur: "I signal gaekwad, the indian coach to call Tendulkar to collect the Man of the Match award and gaekwad told me: Sachin is Not Coming Bcz He is Crying

I came down the dressing room, I think its frank to say,
Sachin was weeping like a schoolboy; I kept on telling Him why are you taking the whole blame yourself; by then we lost the match.. You made impossible possible by playing this great innings, Come and Collect You Mom.

Sachin said 'No Sir, I have lost this match..'"
and He never turned up to collect the award...

This is Sachin Tendulkar _/\_
Selfish ?? Yes He is Selfish For India